Industrial Activities - 20th Century

Following World War 2 the advances in technology resulted in changes both in the commercial and industrial areas. The population dramatically increased and the areas in Western and South Western Sydney developed rapidly. Some women stayed in the workforce following the War however it wasn't until the 1970s that women began to experience equality in the workforce.

A large number of industries that were established in Western & South Western Sydney during the 19th century are still relevant in the 20th century. Agricultural related industries do not play such a vital role but is still a leading factor in the economy of Western Sydney. Manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade are the main industry areas in Western & South Western Sydney.

The major business centre in Sydney's west is Parramatta and other main centres include Blacktown, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Penrith. Approximately 20% of NSW labour force are employed in Western Sydney and predominately in areas such as processing, manufacturing plus business & retail services. The major industries in Western Sydney include the energy transport & construction industries, health & pharmaceuticals, resources, metals plus food and agriculture. For the period 1995-6, Western Sydney produced 14% of NSW exports.

Life in Western Sydney
Large scale manufacturing is one of the main industries in Western and South Western Sydney. The Lever & Kitchen detergent manufacturing plant at Minto.
Photo acknowledgement : Campbelltown City Library