Industrial Activities - 19th Century

Life in Western SydneyThe opening of the railways from the 1860s provided an excellent mode of transport and as the population increased, developers commenced searching for opportunities to purchase land, estates and subdivide. Some places such as Campbelltown, Camden, Castle Hill & the Hawkesbury remained fairly static rural townships whilst other areas particularly along rail routes developed as small subdivisions then towns.

The principal industries emerging in the early nineteenth century were basically related to agricultural products industries including brewing, milling, the meat processing industry, and the tanning trade. However shipbuilding, timber and textiles were also significant industries. Other industries included : blacksmiths, wheelwrights & wagon construction, shoe & bootmaking, extracted industries and miscellaneous. During the 19th century the bulk of the economy of Western Sydney was based on agricultural related industries. With the growth of Western & South Western Sydney the building industry and associated industries such as brick making, pottery works and timber experienced growth.

  Wagon construction was an essential livelihood during the nineteenth century. Drayton's Wheelwright business in Richmond at the turn of the century. Photo acknowledgement : Hawkesbury City Council Library.