As children we went to Fairfield West Public School where there were two teachers, Mr Anstey and Miss Murray. Mrs Murray taught sewing half a day a week. Each morning we faced our flag, the Union Jack, we honoured our God, Promise to serve our King, saluted our Flag - and meant it!

Each room and teacher had three classes, about forty-five to fifty students in each room, a far cry from today. Each year sixth class sat for the Q.C. (Qualifying Certificate) for entry to Domestic Science, Technical or High Schools. This meant travel to Liverpool, Parramatta or Homebush. The closest Technical College was Parramatta, which finished at 9:00 pm. As there were no buses at that time of the night, we were met at the station by my friend's mother, Mrs White, in a horse drawn spring cart under which a hurricane lamp on a chain swung back and forth with every bump in the dirt road.

SOURCE: Lewis, Essie. (1996) IN Reflections of Fairfield. Number 3.