1. A youth group on parade outside of the church of Christ, Canley Vale c 1912
2. Blanche Weston's carriage, Horsley Park c1895.
3. Bus picnics, Smithfield-fairfield c1930.
4. Cabramatta station the openning day of Regents park line 1924.
5. Cambridge House, Fairfield 1950.




6. Centenary of laying the foundation stone of the Landsdowne bridge 1934
7.Coleman family members amongst a church gathering, Smithfield c1925
8. Openning of new classroom, Bossley Park Public School 1933
9. staff at the Fairfield Post office c 1950's
10. Woodchop event, Smithfield 1931

To view more photographs on the history of Fairfield go to http://library.fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au/ppweb/scripts/home.asp