Fairfield City Library Service

"Faces in the Street"

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1. 50th Wedding Anniversary, Roy and Mabel Wheatley, Fairfield, NSW c1950.
2. An outing at Prospect, NSW. The group of three includes left to right Florence Hancock, Jack Hancock and Jean Apple
3. Blind heroes. Tommy Burges, Smithfield NSW c1916
4. Cabramatta Railway Station, NSW. c 1924
5. Fairfield boys at Prospect Creek, Fairfield, NSW c1930.


6. Hall's Model Butchery, Smithfield NSW 1928
7. Kitchen staff, Migrant Hostel, Cabramatta, NSW. c1960
8. Stirton family sitting on the porch of their family home, Smithfield NSW 1925
9. Symons Brothers staff picnic, Lansvale, NSW c1912
10. The Hanbury girls at Cabra-Vale Park, Cabramatta NSW 1950


11. The Stein family, four generations, Smithfield NSW 1954
12. Westacott family outing, Canley Vale, NSW 1924