Mrs Mary Greatrex, whose parents were Mr & Mrs Edmund Keating, early settlers in the district, wrote about walking to school from near what is now Lidcombe station to St Augustine's Chapel at Newington House; this was in the 1850s. The Chapel was built in 1837. During the 1870s there were a number of small private schools operated at Rookwood (Lidcombe) usually only for short periods of time. Mr Fraser had a school in Vaughan Street. Miss Agnew taught a school in the round Gate House of Newington on Parramatta Road, her school then moved across the road to a small wooden building where her salary was supplemented by the Government. Mr Sanders had school just off Church Street which later moved and became the Lidcombe Public School.

In 1863 the Wesleyan Methodist Church leased Newington House and set up a School, which was to become Newington College. This school was a boarding school and even prepared some of its pupils for university. There were also some older students who were preparing for Ministry in the Church. In 1881 the School moved to its present site in Stanmore.

Lidcombe Public SchoolFeb 1879-Dec 1926
Lidcombe Public School
(with Commercial upper school)Jan 1927-Dec 1939
Lidcombe Public SchoolJan 1940-Dec 1943
Lidcombe Central SchoolJan 1944-Dec 1955
Lidcombe Public SchoolJan 1956-

Auburn Public SchoolMar 1886-Nov 1903
Auburn Superior Public SchoolNov 1903-Dec 1912
Auburn Public SchoolJan 1913-Dec 1959
(with Junior Technical upper Sch)Jan 1913-Dec 1925
(with Home Science upper sch)Jan 1913-Dec 1959
Auburn Public SchoolJan 1960-
Auburn Girls High SchoolJan 1960-

Auburn North Public SchoolJan 1891-Dec 1943
Auburn North Central SchoolJan 1944-Dec 1958
Auburn North Public SchoolJan 1959-
Auburn North Evening School1901-1902

Auburn West Public SchoolAugust 1934-

Berala Infants SchoolJan 1922-Aug 1924
Berala Public SchoolAug 1924-

Parochial Schools
St Joachims, Lidcombe1885-
St Johns, Auburn1893-
St Peter ChanelJul 1925-

High Schools
Benedict Senior College1942-1994
St Johns Girls High School1929-1994
began as an Intermediate school- to year 3
St Peter Chanel High School1956-1994
began as an Intermediate School- to year 3
Trinity Catholic College1995-